Creating Your Ultimate Gathering and Entertaining Space

Creating a unique space for family gathering and entertaining in your home is fun and rewarding. You have probably noticed when visiting friends and family that each recreation space is unique and reflects the owner’s design taste with a sense of whimsy. There is no wrong design for a recreation space whether it is the family room or a basement area. This is your space to let you and your family’s personality and design style come through. With the multitude of furniture, games, and decorative art and accessories available on the internet; getting the right pieces is as simple and easy as click and go. The best way to begin is to simply look carefully at the area you have chosen to create your entertainment space. Note permanent fixtures such as doors or stairs that will affect how you place your decorative items. A sketch may be helpful.

Next, consider the decorating theme for the area. A family discussion over dinner often leads to some unique ideas. You may want to use a theme based on a country or culture you like; such as, Italian, Hawaiian, The Far East, or a Caribbean Motif. You may want to build your theme on a particular era such as the Wild West, or an English Pub (Often works well when you have a lower ceiling as in many English Pubs.) A more formal Victorian Era look may fit your style, or perhaps the exciting night life of a Vegas Lounge. If you like wine, why not go for a Wine Cellar look. If you lean towards beer; posters and steins from around the world create a relaxed and fun feeling. Another simple motif is the Sports Bar. This is also one that easily becomes a family project. Sports posters and photos of your favorite teams and players with other sports memorabilia create the mood and feel often focused on a large TV where family and friends can meet and enjoy their favorite teams. When considering your decorative items, make sure you allow enough free space around game tables or the TV for everyone to enjoy without the feeling of being cramped. As you can see, there is almost unlimited ambiance that you can create with a little thought and planning.

Simply consider the area’s space, layout, and feel, your family’s inclinations, and how the theme that you will create will interface with the balance of your home decor. With a little imagination, the correct wall paint colors, readily available decorative accessories, you will create an entertaining area the whole family will enjoy and flock to.

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